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the latest photography
Photo of the Month, April 2016
April, 2016. White rhododendron
New Photo Additions
New photos of Toad Mountain, Washington.
posted 2016-04-12
the latest blog entries
Trumpism and Oligarchy
Thoughts on oligarchy and American political parties

posted 2016-11-05
Woody Allen's Irrational Man
Thoughts on Woody Allen's most recent take on a recurring moral premise.
posted 2016-01-24
Some Thoughts on Gun Control and Regulation
Recent thoughts on gun control as a response to mass shootings in the United States.
posted 2015-12-04
the latest quote
Metaphysical Horror Leszek Kolakowski (1988)
For well over a hundred years, a large protion of academic philosophy has been devoted to explaining that philosophy is either impossible or useless or both.  Thereby philosophy proves that it can safely and happily survive its own death by keeping itself busy proving that it has actually died.
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