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The End of Civil Discussion
The end of Trump and the end of civil discussion
posted 2020-11-10
States Without Legs: Slezkine's House of Government
Thoughts on the vacuums revolutions create

posted 2020-02-10
Greta Thunberg and the Vagaries of the Climate Crusade
Ongoing thoughts on Global Warming
posted 2019-10-05
The Iceberg of Polite Social Discourse
On calling out "virtue signalling"
posted 2019-09-08
Notes on Poetical Birds
Some notes on poetical birds from Ovid to Shvarts.
posted 2018-12-29
To Hell With the Church?
To stay or not to stay in a corrupt church  
posted 2018-10-05

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posted 2016-12-19
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The Sterile Profession of Letters Giacomo Leopardi (1845)
No profession is so sterile as that of letters. But the world puts such a high value on deceit that with its help even letters becomes fruitful. Fraudulence is as it were the soul of social life. Given its effects on the human mind, no art or human faculty is really perfect without it. If you were to study the histories of two people--the one honest in all things, the other deceitful-you would always find the latter more fortunate than the former. The Honest man is in fact almost entirely barren of good fortune. Artifice lacking truth is valuable and effective, but truth lacking artifice is impotent. I don't think this is due to the wicked inclinations of our species, but rather because in everything he does man needs some illusion and glamour, since truth is always too flawed and impoverished. Illusion pleases and inspires him. He lives for the promise of something more, and better, than what the world can actually give. Even Nature is deceitful toward man: it makes life congenial and tolerable only through imagination and artifice.

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posted 2016-12-19
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Photo of the Month, June 2018
Boat harbor, Whittier, Alaska
New Photo Additions
New photos of Bellingham, Washington and vicinity.
posted 2017-01-28
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