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About Jaundiced Thoughts, Blissful Mind
This site is my personal weblog. I'm Edward Farrell, writer-in-residence at my home in Northwestern Washington. I'm currently at work on a several projects that are in various ways better or worse than one another. Two are novels (one completed and one in progress), which are better although there are already too many novels. Another is an once secret extended meditation on the psychology of ethics, which is also better and is now no longer a secret since I've told you what it is. Another is a finite but seemingly endless series of landscape and still-life photographs most of which are quite good and therefore better since everyone likes photographs. And finally there's the mammoth software edifice known as Plato, which is now in its post-secret stage and must be counted worse since only geeks like software and we must always eschew geeks as a matter of principle. At the bottom of the page are links to my software and photography sites, plus a link to a description of my completed novel. The rest of this site is fairly scholarly. I have to admit that my scholarly aspirations are hard work for me because I am inclined to be more careless than any scholar has a right to be.  That said, I will try to eschew all carelessness on this site, where you'll find  (mostly) considered thoughts on science, religion, and art.  There is little here that's off-the-cuff, and I only add new material after I've had a chance to think it through--which is to say, at uneven intervals.  Maybe every month or two I'll post something new.

I recently said goodbye to the work-a-day world and relocated from Livermore, California to northwestern Washington State.  I'm currently living in a wonderful 'aerie' near the top of Toad Mountain, 14-1/2 miles south of the Canadian Border.

Contact me via email at: comments [at] hesychios.com  
Latest Mugshot
This is a self portrait taken for my Linkedin profile representing Zorbasoft, my software research and development endeavor.  It's a "hold the camera as far out from your face as you can and click the shutter with your thumb" shot.  Thank God for autofocus.
Christmas 2008
Here's a picture of me taken by my niece.  I kept moving around and distracting her with odd expressions so she had a hard time keeping the picture in focus. But I like the shot.
Wheeler Peak, 2004
This was taken by a friendly tourist on the road to Wheeler Peak, Nevada.  He wanted a photo of himself and his wife and reciprocated by taking a snapshot of me. It's hard to tell from the photo but it was a miserably cold, windy day although the views of the mountain were superb.
Morelia, Mexico, 1987
This photo was taken by my friend Ivor Roberts, who dropped by my digs in Patzcuaro, Mexico to visit.  Ivor is from British Columbia and you don't just "drop by" Mexico from Canada but that's the way Ivor liked to do things and I had a great time introducing him to some of my cronies and seeing a few of the Michoacan sights.  In this instance we were visiting nearby Morelia with Beatrice Refievna, who was French but spoke Spanish better than either of us and knew Morelia quite well.

Self Portrait, 1978
Here's a self portrait made while I was a struggling artist in Bellingham, Washington in the late 1970s.  It reflects the general grubbiness of those days but starving wasn't all that bad when punctuated by free meals at the houses of friends who had the funds to commiserate.
Mt. Conness, 1971
This was taken by my friend Dave Elliot the day before we climbed Mt. Conness, which is the peak in the background just over my head. Mt. Conness is on the northeastern border of Yosemite National Park and we camped in nearby Sawmill Meadows, which in midsummer is a paradise for unusually large and predacious mosquitos.  Hence the dour expression.  We escaped the mosquitos at around 11,000 feet on the mountain and had a great climb but got caught in a lightning storm on the way down. My expression here would be better explained by that appalling lightning storm which would make anyone grim (after first terrifying them).  But alas, my memory is better than that and I disticntly remember that this photo was taken before enountering the storm.  
Wind River Range, 1964
This photo was taken by my father during our descent of Fremont Peak in the Wyoming's Wind River Range.  I'm the one in the red windbreaker with his back to the camera, futzing with my Kodax box camera to get a good shot of the Titcomb Basin below.  
Trinity Alps, 1962
This photo was taken by my father on a Sierra Club trip to the Trinity Alps in 1962.  I had a fixation on this unnamed peak on the southwest edge of the Canyon Creek basin and my father and I climbed it during the last week of the trip.  The camera he invariably carried on these trips was also memorable--an old Zeiss-Ikon 35mm, f2.8 fixed-lens rangefinder in its thoroughly beat-up (and evidently indestructible) hard leather case.
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